Acing Your Interview

If you’ve gotten a chance to interview for a company like Clockwork Concepts and you’re excited about the prospects, you probably want to do everything you can to ace the interview. A little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring that you not only do your best, you shine against other candidates.

As soon as you find out about the interview, get the information you need to be well prepared. Start by confirming the time and place of the meeting, the dress code of the company, and to whom you will be speaking. You can then check out directions to the location and make sure you block off enough time on your calendar for the whole process so you aren’t running late.

We try to make interviews at Clockwork Concepts more like conversations, but we can still tell who has taken the time to really get to know our company and how the position will help us reach our goals. With this information, whether the interview is the classic question-and-answer format or a more relaxed scenario, you’ll show that you know you can do what the company needs.

Think through your skills and experience and identify some stories you can tell that highlight how you’ve met challenges, learned and applied new material, and demonstrated leadership potential. Your stories are great ways to show that you truly have the skills for the job. To learn more about interviewing and about Clockwork Concepts, join our Twitter community.