You Bring the Ambition, We’ll Supply the Training

We’re different at Clockwork Concepts. We believe that it’s not the experience someone has that defines his or her ability to succeed, but the attitude he or she possess and the educational opportunities available. Let’s explore how our training program turns newcomers to the customer acquisition field into all-stars.

“It’s all in the approach to learning,” said Jonah, Clockwork Concepts’ CEO. “We use some rather unique tactics to engage our newest members so that they feel confident in their skills.”

As Jonah noted, our Clockwork Concepts training program is immersive. “From day one, our associates are working alongside our more seasoned team members,” he said. “They’re out there, meeting with our partners, contributing to the campaigns we’re working on, and offering fresh perspectives while getting plenty of feedback.”

“Many people come to our company that have only some experience or aren’t quite sure if they will succeed in the new role,” he continued. “Clockwork Concepts invests in this team by providing paid training on the job so that each team member can learn while they grow and develop in the role. We’re all about professional development and giving our associates the tools they need to be successful long-term. Our learning is ongoing, too. It doesn’t stop with onboarding. Each associate continues to grow in their careers with the resources we offer.”

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