Building Our Professional Networks at Office Palooza

Travel is a central theme of the Clockwork Concepts experience. We use it as part of our training program, and also as a way to reward our top producers. Most recently, we enjoyed getting to know other customer acquisition professionals at Office Palooza in Virginia!

Many teams came together for the big, fun gathering at which they had the chance to connect and get to know other like-minded people. We had a great time and learned a lot as well, especially about the best practices being used in other markets. This knowledge is sure to lead to more innovative campaigns in the future.

Providing our people with networking opportunities like Office Palooza is important because being connected is crucial for success in our digital society. In fact, having a network is so vital that we make the necessary skills a part of our Clockwork Concepts training program. Here are a few of the contacting tips we share with our team members:

• Conversations First, Business Cards Second: Exchanging contact info is only a part of the networking process. We make sure we feel comfortable having a conversation and have a few follow-up actions already scheduled before handing out our cards.

• Focus on the Person in Front of Us: This is just common courtesy, but it becomes especially important at a networking event. We want our conversation partners to know they have our full attention.

Helping our team members achieve their potential is one of our top priorities. To learn what other skills like networking we teach, like Clockwork Concepts on Facebook.