Checking Our Progress for a Mid-Year Boost

Summer is an ideal time to take stock of where you are in terms of reaching major goals. Around the Clockwork Concepts office, we’re checking in with our objectives to ensure a big second quarter for our firm and our national service partners. There are a few specific strategies we use to make our mid-year check-ins as productive as possible.

Course correction is one of the most important things you can do in an evolving industry. When we take a look at the goals we’ve previously set and how much further we have to go, we get a vital opportunity to alter our methods. Even a subtle shift can be enough to stoke our motivation.

We’re also taking a different approach to evaluate our Clockwork Concepts targets. The more/less list has become a key part of our success strategy because it gets us in touch with what we really want. We figure out what we want to do more and less of in the coming months, and then we change our aims to fit those desires as much as possible.

Of course, we can also just eliminate some objectives that don’t line up with our top priorities. There may be some goals that are taking our focus away from what really matters in the near and long-term future. It’s always nice to weed out tasks that aren’t necessary.

We’re focused on making the rest of 2019 as successful as it can be. Learn more about how we’re gauging our progress by liking Clockwork Concepts on Facebook.