John Is Taking the Next Step on His Career Journey

We foster a growth-oriented Clockwork Concepts culture by embracing certain ideals in our office, such as recognition. We show our gratitude to our team members in a variety of ways, ranging from a “Thank you” and a pat on the back to trips.

Some of our procedures are a result of our commitment to giving credit where credit is due. For instance, as team members achieve mastery in their roles, they earn promotions. This is a way for us to reward those who embrace our company mission and values, while also ensuring our associates have worthy role models to emulate.

Our most recent promotion goes to John, who has advanced to assistant manager. He was personally mentored by another assistant manager, Lauren, who guided and supported John the entire way. John is a perfect example of how our comprehensive learning system, which combines one-to-one coaching with hands-on learning and classic educational techniques, helps our executives achieve their potential.

“I’m proud to have such an amazing team. They constantly challenge themselves and inspire each other to greatness,” stated Jonah W., CEO of Clockwork Concepts. “The impeccable standards of our training system are a reflection of the talented people who work here.”

Congratulations John, on becoming a member of our leadership team. Find out more about our training program and see who will be promoted next by liking Clockwork Concepts on Facebook.