John’s Baltimore Expansion Brings Excitement

John Cronin, one of our favorite Clockwork Concepts team leaders, is opening an office of his own in Baltimore! Jonah W., our firm’s CEO, stated that John has been a fearless motivator in our office, and that he shows up every day with an awesome work ethic. He always strives to succeed, which keeps everyone else on our team motivated as well. Jonah added that although we’ll miss John around our HQ, we’re so excited to see all that he does in his future endeavors.

There are many reasons for John’s remarkable success, but his positive mind-set is definitely at the top of the list. Even when he encounters unexpected outcomes, John finds opportunities for growth and improvement. This ability to find the productive lessons in every experience will serve John well in his new office.

Jonah also stated that John doesn’t just maintain the status quo. He isn’t afraid to be himself, which is a big part of his leadership strategy. John is adept at making others feel comfortable sharing their ideas because he knows the best ideas can come from all levels of an organization. He has enough confidence in his own talents to listen to his team members.

John understands that the goals he sets can’t be based solely on current circumstances. He shares clear visions of future success that keep people engaged and inspired. Everyone on Team Clockwork Concepts has benefitted from John’s forward-looking mind-set.

We’re so proud to have John leading the way for us in Baltimore. Follow Clockwork Concepts on Twitter for updates on his progress.