Ken and Deandre Move Forward Into Leadership

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Clockwork Concepts culture. We congratulate one another when we achieve personal or professional milestones, both because it keeps morale high and because we value our team members and celebrate their successes with them. And in that spirit of camaraderie we want to congratulate Deandre and Ken on their promotions into leadership.

Both of these individuals have been great additions to Team Clockwork Concepts, with their hard work and determination being the qualities most responsible for their promotions. We appreciate anyone who is willing to put 100 percent effort into their careers, and we know that Ken and Deandre will continue to be successful in their new roles.

Working hard is one of the most important traits any professional can bring to his or her position. For one thing, it’s simply the price one pays to achieve a goal. Very few worthwhile objectives are easy to attain. Also, maintaining high levels of effort requires perseverance and self-control. These are vital skills not only for achieving prosperity, but for keeping it as well.

One of the most underappreciated advantages of working hard is how it seems to attract luck to the person doing it. It’s not really luck of course; the truth is that when we stay focused on a goal and take continuous action toward its fulfillment, we are creating our own opportunities.

Congratulations to Deandre and Ken for taking the next step in their career journeys. See who earns a promotion next by following Clockwork Concepts on Twitter.