Learning and Recharging Far From Home

October was a great month for many reasons for Team Clockwork Concepts, with a relaxing getaway to Cancun at the top of the list. Not only did we get to rest and recharge on sunny beaches, the trip also allowed us to meet top performers from all across the country. We’re still buzzing about all the things we learned during the trip, as well as the names we added to our contact lists.

The Cancun R&R featured a variety of events, including conferences that helped us get up to speed on some innovative new direct marketing techniques. It was inspiring to hear from the sharpest minds in our business and to learn what’s working well in other markets. The fact that we got to do so in a tropical setting made the experience even better.

We came back to the Clockwork Concepts office just in time to prepare for the holiday season. It was appropriate to return home in November, because the R&R trip was a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for in our personal and professional lives. From travel incentives to ongoing education and giveback events, we’re lucky to have leaders who are invested in our career growth.

Our Cancun excursion set us up for a great finish to 2019. Follow Clockwork Concepts on Instagram to get updates on our team accomplishments and travel plans.