We value our educations and take satisfaction in our degrees, but at the same time we acknowledge that there are some lessons that seem to be best learned through experience. These are a few bits of Clockwork Concepts wisdom that need to be lived to be truly learned:

” Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination: Sometimes, we see individuals hung up on their latest challenges or resting on their past achievements. More important than success or failure is the courage to continually move forward.

” We’re Often Our Biggest Roadblocks: When someone holds on to negative emotions like resentment or anxiety, they waste precious energy that could be used to help them make progress. By letting go of the past, we embrace a brighter future.

” Successful People Make Their Own Luck: Sometimes circumstances play a role in what we can or can’t accomplish, but more often than not luck comes down to productivity and preparation. Around Clockwork Concepts HQ, we say, “Good things come to those who reach out and grab them.”

” Risk the Usual to Achieve the Extraordinary: Playing it safe will only get someone what everyone else has. If we want more, we must be willing to take (intelligent) risks.

This might not be the first time you’ve heard these concepts, but they have to be experienced personally before the depth of their truth is revealed. For more career wisdom, follow Clockwork Concepts on Twitter.