Meet the Manager: Jonah

It’s always exciting when a new manager emerges, especially when they’re someone who joined the industry as a trainee and has worked their way up from the start. Our Clockwork Concepts CEO, Jonah W., started in the business three years ago and focused right away on his goal – to be an owner himself and be the leader of his own firm.

Jonah initially had no experience in the industry but quickly discovered that he was a natural leader. He paid attention to the training offered, worked hard, and built his skill set and experience. When he felt he was ready, he stepped out on his own to launch his business, Clockwork Concepts, and hasn’t looked back.

Jonah started his journey in our industry in the Baltimore office and now has his own office in Atlanta. He’s a great example that hard work can pay off and that success really is possible. He finds that his family motivated him to reach where he is now and likes knowing that he is in control of his own destiny. He works to create a firm where he puts others first. Opening this company and building his team is something in which he takes great pride.

Success stories like this one show that it’s possible to enter our industry with no skills or experience – just your natural talents and a positive attitude – and quickly progress toward bigger responsibility. Subscribe to follow Clockwork Concepts on Newswire to learn more about the business, the industry, and our growing team.