Networks and Friendships at the Top Gun Conference

Travel plays many important roles in the lives of Team Clockwork Concepts. Part recognition, part training tool, all fun, our trips give us chances to explore the world with our coworkers while learning from the best of the best in our industry.

For example, we recently returned from a Top Gun Conference in Dallas that exceeded all our expectations. Jonah, CEO of Clockwork Concepts, took his top leaders, and we had a great time. The opportunities for learning and growth are endless at events like this, and the chances to network with the most successful people in our field are priceless. We value collaboration and innovation. By connecting with rising stars from other markets, we increase our collective talents at both.

Being able to network is such an important skill that we’ve made it an integral part of our training program as well. We role-play the different phases of a traditional contacting scenario, including ice breakers and the elevator pitch, and discuss strategies for meeting people – such as spending time near the buffet table or how to network with a partner.

This knowledge certainly paid off in Dallas, and we came back home having increased our knowledge and our networks. Just as importantly, we had time to build friendships with our coworkers on our way back and forth from the Lone Star State. For content from the conference, check out our Clockwork Concepts Newswire feed.