A Powerful Career Launching Pad

Around the Clockwork Concepts office, we take pride in the fact that we prepare people to achieve their professional dreams. A big part of this is our internship program, which provides all the hands-on guidance an ambitious college grad could possibly want. We show our interns the importance of setting clear goals. In fact, we help them create career bucket lists they can use for motivation many years into the future.

We share some of the same professional bucket-list items around our workspace. Being seen as experts in our field is certainly a common goal, and it’s one we pursue by learning new things every day. Constant improvement defines our Clockwork Concepts work culture. We think it’s the only way to be successful and respected in the long run, especially in an ever-changing business landscape.

Becoming a strong public speaker is another objective shared by many people. This is one of the best ways to boost your career, because being an effective speaker helps in so many areas beyond presenting onstage. Having confidence in articulating messages can benefit you when it comes to networking and even asking for a raise. We encourage our interns to seek out opportunities to speak in public, even if it’s a very small audience.

We put our interns on the fast track to long-term success. Follow Clockwork Concepts on LinkedIn for more on how we put people in position to thrive.