Our President Wins Prestigious Award

Recognition is a core element of the Clockwork Concepts work culture, which is why we were thrilled to see Jonah W., our firm’s CEO, win the Owner of the Year award. Jonah was given this prestigious designation at our recent R&R retreat in Punta Cana. This made the exotic getaway even more memorable for our team members.

Jonah stated that he sees the Owner of the Year award as a major accomplishment for Team Clockwork Concepts rather than just for himself. He added that without the support and dedication team members offer, he wouldn’t be able to achieve such remarkable success.

There are several key reasons Jonah won this award, with his communication skills at the top of the list. Our CEO offers honest feedback and presents clear expectations that keep us motivated. When we achieve major victories, Jonah highlights standout team members and reinforces the behaviors that fuel our success.

Jonah also shows respect for our unique talents, which builds trust throughout our workspace. He encourages us to push beyond our current skill sets and set the bar higher with every big win. We enjoy a supportive work atmosphere thanks to the example our CEO sets every day.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Jonah wins the Owner of the Year award for 2019 as well. Follow our team’s achievements in the year to come by liking Clockwork Concepts on Facebook.