Putting New Field Manager Nahom in the Spotlight

We’re thrilled to announce that Nahom is our newest Clockwork Concepts Field Manager! This promotion is a big deal, because it means we’re putting a lot of trust and commitment into one person. We’re also telling the world that Nahom will be able to lead several team members as they explore growth opportunities. According to Jonah, our firm’s CEO, we couldn’t have chosen a better person to become a field manager.

Nahom is an ideal choice to lead because he brings an upbeat and forward-looking attitude to every new challenge. Jonah explained that Nahom’s optimism is contagious. It inspires everyone around him to take their games to a higher level.

Around the Clockwork Concepts office, we do our best to find the positive lessons in even the most unexpected outcomes. This is another area in which Nahom sets the best possible example. He doesn’t see success and failure in terms of black and white. Instead, Nahom appreciates the opportunities for growth and improvement that come in the grey areas.

Another great thing about our newest field manager is that he doesn’t feel pressure to follow the status quo. He knows he has unique talents to offer our company and the world at large. As he lives and works in ways that are true to his own unique attributes, Nahom encourages others to do the same.

We’re lucky to have Nahom setting the pace for our team. Follow Clockwork Concepts on Instagram for more on his leadership journey.