Our Recent Wave of Promotions

Elevating our top Clockwork Concepts performers to leadership positions is always cause for celebration, so we’re excited about recent promotions in our office. Andrew is our newest Assistant Manager, while William, Serge, and James have also advanced to leadership roles. Jonah W., our firm’s CEO, stated that these trustworthy and dedicated team members are ideal choices to help guide others to success. We’re all ready to watch them accomplish big things in their future endeavors.

Our four newest leaders have all embodied a few of the goal-achieving principles we stress through the Clockwork Concepts training program. Finding the positive lessons in all outcomes is one of the key strategies we use to reach our objectives. Those who earn promotions within our company appreciate every chance to grow, even when it comes in the form of an unexpected result.

We also emphasize going beyond the status quo to achieve major success. Andrew, William, Serge, and James have never been afraid to go the extra mile to help someone else or reach their own ambitious targets. Just as importantly, these four standouts embrace their unique talents and make the most of them. They know that their methods will feel more natural and effortless if they amplify the traits that set them apart from the crowd.

Our new leaders will have every chance to thrive in our supportive atmosphere. Follow their exploits by liking Clockwork Concepts on Facebook.