Recognizing John for Being a High Roller

At least once a month, we enjoy giving one of our hard-working people a chance to shine in the spotlight. Most recently one of our team leaders has stepped up his game and begun competing on a national level, and we think that deserves some Clockwork Concepts recognition.

“John is one of our team leaders who recently had not only top sales in the office, but earned the reputation of being a high roller – which means he has some of the best numbers in the nation,” stated Jonah W., Clockwork Concepts’ CEO. “Also, he’s doing a great job of managing others and is really developing in his leadership role. I’m proud of his accomplishments this month and I look forward to seeing what else John accomplishes in the future.”

John’s national recognition is a perfect example of how our commitment to career development pays off. It begins during the interviewing process, as we determine the best fits for our organization, and then we begin investing in the growth and training of our new executives from day one.

We immerse our team members in every aspect of our operations to allow them the chance to gain as much experience as possible. Not only do they learn about each facet of our business, they get the chance to work with different managers and project leaders, gaining the perspective and the skills necessary to succeed in our industry.

Congratulations on being a high roller, John! To see what other awards we’re winning, follow Clockwork Concepts on Facebook.