Seeking New Graduates to Join Our Organization

Graduation season is upon us, and we are looking to hire goal-oriented people with growth-oriented mind-sets. “From day one, our newest associates dig in and learn the ropes,” stated Jonah W., CEO of Clockwork Concepts. “We skip the rudimentary videos and manuals in favor of immersive educational experiences. Our people discover how to interact with our partners, understand data on target markets, and give effective presentations.”

Our comprehensive Clockwork Concepts training system is one reason our firm is such a great destination for new grads. We teach all the skills a person needs to know for success in our industry, so instead of experience we look for positive attitude and willingness to learn. These soft skills fit well with our caring and inspiring culture, and our environment is one of our most important organizational qualities.

We also provide hands-on learning and practical teaching for our team members. We train them to work on live campaigns and generate solutions that apply in the real world – not some theoretical model. As new hires work with different departments and the heads of those teams, a big-picture perspective of our operations is gained. However, we also teach the importance of knowing how each person’s efforts influence the big picture.

If you’re considering what to do after you graduate, and you have a passion for the public and helping people hook up with services they need, we’d like to speak with you. Find out more about us first by visiting our Clockwork Concepts Facebook page.